Our Model Portfolios

Fidelity Investor’s models have 9/30/2014 year-to-date returns of between 2.9% and 7.2%. The average investor in Fidelity funds lost 1.4% in September.

Jim's Models

Global Quant
2014% Ann. 5Yr%
2.9 14.4
Aggressive Growth
2014% Ann. 5Yr%
5.8 14.3
2014% Ann. 5Yr%
6.2 11.7
Growth & Income
2014% Ann. 5Yr%
7.2 13.4
2014% Ann. 5Yr%
6.9 14.7


Fidelity Index
2014% Ann. 5Yr%
3.7 8.0
S&P 500
2014% Ann. 5Yr%
8.3 15.7
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